6S award in the second quarter of 2018

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     In March, after the 6S inspection of Towngas on the site of our company, in order to carry out this work, 6S promotion group was playing the leader role and all the departments were actively cooperating. Under the joint participation of all the employees, the management of 6S has achieved remarkable results. The workshop is orderly, bright and refreshing now.

6S management is a protracted war with only a starting point and no end. Summing up the experience of the near stage, The 6S propelling team timely formulated and modified the “6S management regulations” and “6S management reward and penalty provisions” which combined the company's actual situation, and raised the experience to the theory and formed the system, which provided the theoretical basis for the normalization of the 6S management work.
In the afternoon of July 21st, the award was awarded to the advanced collective "6S excellent Department (workshop)" in the two quarter of the two quarter activities - the four workshop and the "6S excellent team" - the ring welding group.