Taihe frst half report of 2018

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    In order to review the work in the first half of the year 2018, summarize the insufficient and successful experience, so as to achieve better work in the second half of the year, On July 7th, the company organized and held the first half of the year 2018 trip will of Wuhu Taihe pipe industry Co.,Ltd. All departments were fully prepared. The seminar is presented in the form of PPT.

The meeting was divided into five topics:

First: The host interprets the discipline of the venue and the rules for grading examination. Second: General manager's speech. Third: The host announces that the duty meeting will officially begin. Fourth :Duty reporting. Fifth :General manager Mr. Wang Xianwen summed up the meeting.

Everyone summarized and analyzed their work during the meeting,  and explained how to develop their later work. At the same time, Mr. Wang Xianwen, the general manager of the company, commented on the work of various departments and gave guidance.

Finally, Mr. Wang Xianwen, the general manager of the company, emphasized the company's overall plan for 2018 and the company's future prospects, and appealed to the company's staff to strive for the development of the company.