Corporate Blood Donation Campaign

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      On Friday, August 17, 2018, the company organized employees to conduct unpaid blood donation activities. In the early morning, the employees who participated in the blood donation were waiting early at the blood donation center. Many other employees were temporarily enrolled after hearing the news. They used the blood to gather into a warm love.

      At the event, the face of every unpaid blood donor was filled with warm smiles. They actively consulted and waited patiently. Even if they waited for a long time, they did not complain. They still waited with enthusiasm for the arrival of their love moment. Some of the employees involved in blood donation are blood donation for the first time, and many have already had many blood donation experiences. "Everyone gives a small amount of blood at once, but everyone is involved in voluntary blood donation and can help more people," a new employee said earnestly. "
      Flow of blood like a warm stream to moisten people's hearts, bright red blood carrying countless people thick love, blood donation after the company allowed blood donors to go home to rest for a day. According to statistics, the number of unpaid blood donation of our company employees was 8 people that day, and the total amount of blood donation reached 3,000 milliliters.