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    At 7:00 p.m. on April 22, a gas explosion broke out on the sixth floor of a residential building in Chuncheng District, south of the Yangtze River, Wuhu, causing a man to fall downstairs and die on the spot. It is understood that the man is rented here, before the incident, there has been a gas leak? What caused the explosion? Yesterday morning, the reporter visited Jiangnan district again.
The upstairs explosion affected the downstairs
     Yesterday morning, the reporter came to the residents downstairs, although things have been over more than 10 hours, the downstairs still surrounded by more than 10 residents, while looking up to see one after another.
     At the door of the 501 room, the ground was full of broken glass. Cracks appeared in the walls of the house, and a window was blown up. Ms. Su, who lives in Room 401, told reporters that she went out to work on the night and went to building 82. Suddenly the explosion was heard. After hearing it, she learned that it was the building that lived in his own house. She rushed home. Ms. Su entered the house and found that the window near the South was shedding. She was told that an explosion occurred on the upper tenant.
"I was watching TV, 'bombardment', and I was sway at home and heard a 'Bang'. I ran to the window and looked at it. I saw a person smashed on my clothes hanger in my house, then fell on the 401 clothes hanger, and finally fell in the downstairs flower bed. Our two clothes hangers were smashed, and he was thrown out. " Mr. Zhang, the 501 resident, said.
     The scene was disastrous
     The reporter walked from the stairs to the 6 floor, which made people shiver. The destructive power of the explosion was amazing.
601, the door was wide open, and the whole room was in a mess. A broken door and a steel window were stacked in the staircase. At this time, several staff wearing the "Wuhu burning" uniform are looking inside the house.
     A staff member told the reporter that after the accident happened in the evening, the maintenance personnel and safety officers of the medium combustion company rushed to the scene quickly, cut off the gas source for the units, and then checked them by household. In the case of safety, the gas supply had been restored. "Preliminary exploration, the household (Room 601) is a gas deflagration, as for The cause of the accident is being appraise by the public security and the fire department.
     Two residents ventured out
     The reporter saw that the 601 room was about 90 square meters, with almost no furniture. There was a bedplate on the floor of the living room, with traces of quilts and clothes left on the ground. On a table, there are also some leftovers and more than 10 steamed bread. On the ground there was a small liquefied gas tank about 30 centimeters high. The reporter picked it up and found it was very light.
Close to the balcony, 2 meters above the south level, and 4 meters long burglar windows, all windows and windows were shattered. One of the houses only had a small bed, and there were dozens of bottles in front of the bed.
     In the interview, the reporter learned that after the explosion, Mr. Zhang and Mr. Su, who lived downstairs, risked up the stairs, closed the gas valves, saw the quilts and clothes on fire in the house, and put the fire out of the water.
     The victims were accompanied by the local people
     Reporters learned from the Yijiang police station that after the accident, they learned from the landlord that the man who rented the house was Tao, 46 years old, from Chaohu Lake. Tao's daughter is studying in a university in the south of Wuhu. He reads and works in Wuhu.
     Yesterday morning, Tao's daughter Tao Yan (alias) rushed to the police station, confirmed that the deceased was her father, leaning against the office sofa and crying. Police told Tao Yan whether it was a natural gas leak or whether her father accidentally triggered the explosion, and the authorities concerned are investigating it.
Tao Yan told reporters that his father has been in Wuhu for more than a year, usually doing odd jobs, not very well, but there has been no unusual behavior. At present, the relevant departments are coordinating the work of the aftermath. The author of the Xin'an Evening News: old spring